The beauty of nature is something we all must strive to preserve one way or the other. However, creating homes and new spaces to live in is a must for the expansion of the human populous as well. These two goals contradict each other heavily but some people manage to blend nature and living spaces excellently. The results are amazing areas that could be visited and enjoyed like the Blue Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri.

The Big Cedar Lodge’s Beginnings

The Big Cedar Lodge is America’s premier wilderness resort that is steeped in history. The place is founded by two prominent Missouri natives: Jude Simmons and Harry Worman, who have been busy with creating lavish resort homes for everyone else. The friends and partner entrepreneurs, later on, acquired a massive 300 forested acres in the land adjoining the Long Creek arm of the White River known as Big Cedar Hollow.

big cedar lodge sky trail
Big Cedar Lodge’s Sky Trail ropes course being installed (Source)

Simmons’ initial project was a log structure that was greatly inspired by the hunting lodges found in Adirondacks. On the other hand, Worman was busy creating a Tudor-style retreat made of stone and stucco. Some of the original structures still stand today including the Devil’s Pool Restaurant and the Worman House.

The area struggled financially during the Great Depression and everyone was in a rough patch at the time. It was then purchased by Dan Norris in 1947. Upon his acquisition, Norris began a massive overhaul of the area. The changes include the creation of a dam in the White River to create Table Rock Lake in 1958. These were the just some of the foundations laid for Big Cedar Lodge.

Getting to Know The Big Cedar Lodge

There is a huge feel of sustainability and environmental concern through and through inside Big Cedar Lodge. The developers of the site pulled in deep inspiration from the Osage Indians. Those that want to experience nature at its fullest while staying underneath comfy covers and soft beds should definitely visit the area.

Big Cedar Lodge is nature-friendly not only on the way it has created its area. It is also that way thanks to its sustainable practices which include:

  • Recycling of cardboard, office paper, plastic, aluminum, and metals.
  • Recycling of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass.
  • Towel re-use program, bed linen, and guest recycling in the guest rooms.
  • Low-flow devices and low-flow toilets to conserve water.
  • Participating Property, “Clean the World” to recycle soap products and distribute to third world countries.
  • Installed a Dual-flush Toilet system to minimize water waste.
big cedar lodge exterior
A view of the Big Cedar Lodge’s exteriors (Source)

The current owners of the area strive to maintain the same practices that were established by the original creators. We can expect the place to maintain this same core belief and structure in the years to come. But of course, this is just a tip of exactly what Big Cedar Lodge is. What it is mostly is a huge travel destination for families, couples and solo backpackers alike. Before visiting the area, it will be best to know more about its surrounding county first.

What is the time zone in Big Cedar Lodge?

Since Big Cedar Lodge is located in Branson, Missouri, people should base the time zone in that area as well. The timezone in Big Cedar Lodge Central Standard Time (CST) which is roughly 6 hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time zone. With this in mind, travelers should heavily consider booking their flights ahead.

Big Cedar Lodge is somewhat quaint and calm at night. Unlike other travel destinations, its nightlife is rather limited and is best reserved for those that want to relax. As such, it is advisable to book flights that would get the travelers to Big Cedar Lodge at night time so they have time to rest up for a day of activities the following morning.

When is the best time to visit Big Cedar Lodge?

When visiting the premiere wildlife resort in Branson Missouri, it would also be perfect to consider the climate and weather in the area. In can get a little chilly in Missouri at times so people should think carefully when the perfect time is to visit Big Cedar Lodge. It would be hard to experience the great outdoors if the weather is too much to bear.

big cedar cabin
Big Cedar Lodge at Winter (Source)

The good thing about Branson, Missouri and Big Cedar Lodge is that the weather doesn’t exactly reach unbearable levels even in the Winter. The best time to visit Big Cedar Lodge and the surrounding country is during November and December. During this time, the entire town gets into the holiday spirit. It is also advisable to visit there during the months of June and August. The climate is typically warm during this period. For those that want to avoid heavy crowds and fully booked hotels, the best time to visit Big Cedar Lodge are the dates between September and October, and March through May.

big cedar lodge spring
Springtime at Big Cedar Lodge (Source)

Of course, since they are already in the area, travelers should also consider visiting Big Cedar Lodge during which there are big events in Branson, Missouri. The county is rich in history and culture so not exploring the place while going to Big Cedar Lodge is a big mistake on its own already.

big cedar lodge fall
The color of Big Cedar Lodge at Fall (Source

September and October are the best months to visit Big Cedar Lodge for people that want to experience the surrounding county’s art and music scene. Some of the key events during this period include Branson Landing’s Summer Concert Series, the Country Music Weekend, the Autumn Daze Arts, Crafts & Music Festival and Branson Landing’s Paint the Town Pink.

The months of November and December are the best for those that want to experience festivities and events in Missouri. During these periods, travelers can enjoy the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Parade in November which officially kicks off the Christmas season. Also starting in November is the amazing Shepherd Trail of Lights.

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19 Things to Do in Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar Lodge is a huge travel package in one. Visiting the place is highly recommendable for families who want to get the most out of their vacation periods. Aside from sleeping in the best rooms that Branson, Missouri has to offer, there are also an array of things to do in Big Cedar Lodge that would make even the most experienced traveler excited.


big cedar lodge spa
A guest enjoying a spa treatment at Big Cedar Lodge’s spa center (Source)

First on the list of things to do in Big Cedar Lodge is to relax. This is because it’s one of the best places that can talk big about pampering its guests.

If you want to treat yourself with massage and other beauty treatments, the Big Cedar Lodge is the best place to be. From the top to the bottom of its interiors alone, you’ll definitely feel like a VIP. As you enter its spa center, you’ll be welcomed by ceilings made with hand-carved timber, floors made with natural stone, antique-style chandeliers, and stained-glass accents. It also has a nice fireplace that serves as a dramatic backdrop for hot spas, saunas, and steam rooms. Moreover, it also has an indoor grotto pool that’s softly lit by candles lining its rustic stone walls. You will definitely feel refreshed after trying out their spa services.

2Freshen Up

big cedar lodge salon
A bride getting her hair and makeup done for her wedding at Big Cedar Lodge (Source)

The Big Cedar Lodge also has a place for you to freshen up as well. This luxurious lodging also has full salon services to boast of. Equipped with massaging pedicure chairs, antique-style barber chairs, and sofas, its salon will surely make you look your best, especially when you have an upcoming special event.

Like its spa center, the Big Cedar Lodge’s salon also has nice interiors. It has elegant stone top vanities, classy tailored window seats, and big full-length mirrors. On top of that, it has sophisticated french doors that open to a fancy fireplace and a private patio

3Host an Event

big cedar lodge chapel
A peek at one of Big Cedar Lodge’s chapel (Source)

The Big Cedar Lodge isn’t just for relaxation and family bondings. It can also serve as a nice venue as you and your partner tie the knot. Whether you want a grand or an intimate wedding celebration, the Big Cedar Lodge has some nice spots for you that are also picture-perfect. It has four elegant chapels and a grand ballroom that will fit any wedding theme that you want. In addition to that, its spacious lawns, lovely patios, and cascading waterfalls will make your wedding all the more special.

Aside from weddings, the Big Cedar Lodge’s function rooms are also good for other events and gatherings like bridal showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, and so much more. They also have several conference rooms for corporate events and other big gatherings.

4Book a Tee Time

big cedar lodge golf
A look at one of Big Cedar Lodge’s golf courses (Source)

Another thing that you can add on your list of things to do in Big Cedar Lodge is to play golf. But note that golfing at the Big Cedar Lodge is way different from other golf areas. This is because the Big Cedar Lodge offers eight world-class golf courses. Each course is designed by some of the most prominent names in the industry namely Tiger Woods, Nicklaus, Tom Frazio, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer, Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw, and Gary Player.

Apart from these renowned names, Johnny Morris, a noted conservationist, also incorporated his works in every course. He incorporated the beauty of the Ozarks into each course. Hence, you’ll definitely appreciate the beauty of nature all the more with every shot.

In addition to these eight outstanding courses, the Big Cedar Lodge is also prepping up a new course that you shouldn’t miss. Named in honor of the late legendary golfer Payne Stewart, the new course will definitely set up another challenge for golfers, especially with its extraordinarily dramatic 19th hole. The said course is slated to open in the coming year.


big cedar pool
One of Big Cedar Lodge’s swimming pools overlooking a lake (Source)

Another thing to love about the Big Cedar Lodge and also another thing that you need to add on your list of things to do in Big Cedar Lodge is dipping in its pools. This is because, at Big Cedar Lodge, you have a lot of outdoor swimming options that can cater to everyone.

They have five pools and six hot tubs to boast of: The Devil’s Pool, Wilderness Falls, Brushey Creek, Lazy River, and the sandy beach. They also have Swimmin’ Hoel that’s filled with several hot tubs. For adults, the Swimmin’ Hole and the Devil’s Pool are two of the best spots for adults as they offer poolside services where they serve beverages for adults. If you have kids with you, they will surely enjoy the Lazy River and the Wilderness Falls. However, note that some of the pools are seasonal like the Lazy River that only opens from May to August. Hence, if you want to try out all of their pools, might as well plan your schedule carefully so you can fully enjoy your stay.

6Enjoy More Water Activities

big cedar fishing
Men enjoying fishing at Table Rock Lake Marina (Source)

The Big Cedar Lodge can also offer other water adventure if you want something to add on your list of things to do in the Big Cedar Lodge that’s more than swimming activities. In its Bent Hook Marina, you can cruise its lake by renting a speedboat or a pontoon boat. You can also hop on a kayak or a paddleboard to explore the nearby cove. For these kinds of activities, it would usually take two to four hours for you to enjoy. In addition to that, its 43-acre lake also has fishing docks where you and your family can go fishing. They also have veteran guides who will guide and take you to the best fishing spots in the lake.

7Go on a Pirate Treasure Hunt

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bent_Hook_marina_3-1024x683.jpg
The boat where you’ll hop in to start the pirate treasure hunt (Source)

If you’re up for some challenge, the Big Cedar Lodge also has several scavenger hunting activities that you and your family and friends will definitely enjoy. In this activity, you will receive a special list of riddles. Then, you’ll need to hop on to the Big Cedar Lodge’s own pontoon boat that’s out on the lake where you’ll search for the treasure. Once you’ve found the treasure, you’ll need to return to land for another mission. This requires a minimum of 15 participants which is perfect if you brought your family or friends with you.

Land Scavenger Hunt

This exploration challenge, on the other hand, is only held on the land area as its name suggests. Here, you’ll also receive a list of items that you’ll need to find throughout the property. Unlike the pirate treasure, this activity only requires 10 participants.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This activity is a bit different from the usual scavenger hunt that we used to know. This is because instead of collecting a list of things, you’ll be required to collect photos. You’ll be given cameras and lists of riddles that will the reveal the subjects of the required photos. This also requires a minimum of 10 participants.

8Dine at the Devil’s Pool Restaurant

big cedar restaurant
Big Cedar’s Devil’s Pool Restaurant (Source)

Unlike other lodgings, the Big Cedar Lodge offers a handful of restaurants. Each of which has something unique to offer its guests. With Big Cedar Lodge’s restaurants, you’ll never run out of options to add on your list of things to do in Big Cedar Lodge.

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If you’re in for a casual dining, you can go to the Devil’s Pool Restaurant. From its interiors to its dishes, you’ll definitely feel at home. You’ll also enjoy the gentle hillside view as you dine.

The best part of dining here is that they have a variety of menus to choose from. They even have a menu that’s solely for kids so they can enjoy too. They also offer a brunch menu on Sundays from 10 AM to 2 PM.

9Try the Buzzard Bar

big cedar restaurant
Guests are all ear to Buzzard Bar’s performer (Source)

Just below the Devil’s Pool restaurant, you’ll find the Buzzard Bar. Here, you can also casually dine in a comfortable seating in midst of cool antique appointments. You can also dine outdoors overlooking the pool area or on their patio. In addition to that, they also feature local entertainers every evening. This is also a family-friendly restaurant and they offer a separate menu for kids.

10Visit Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill

uncle buck's
Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill’s pizza, a must-try tasty treat (Source)

If you’re craving for burgers, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and the like, Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl Grill is the best place to be. Here, they serve a full-service menu of delicious treats. Their salads, sandwiches, and pizza are a must-try. Their sweet treats such as shakes, floats, and banana splits taste superb as well and shouldn’t be missed.

11Go to Mountain Top Grill

Big Cedar Mountain Lodge’s Mountain Top Grill is also one of the restaurants that you might want to consider. This is because you’ll not just be fueled by delicious dishes but your eyes will be filled with some of the nicest views in Canada as well. Here, you can dine while enjoying some of the most jaw-dropping views that the Ozarks has to offer. However, they only have limited operating hours. From Fridays to Saturdays, they’re only open from 11 AM to 3 PM so you better come here a bit earlier to get a taste of its mouth-watering dishes as well as the eye-popping views that it has to offer.

12Go on a Lady Liberty Dinner Cruise

big cedar lady liberty
A look at Big Cedar Lodge’s Lady Liberty (Source)

This restaurant from Big Cedar Lodge offers a different dining experience among the rest, though. This is because you’d hop aboard the stunning 62′ luxury yacht named The Lady Liberty. As it sets sail on Table Rock Lake, you can enjoy full two hours of live music, amazing views from the yacht, and of course, some good food. Here, you can also get to watch a beautiful sunset as you enjoy the delicious food that it has to offer.

13Check the Newly Renovated Truman Cafe and Custard

truman cafe big cedar
Truman Cafe & Custard’s new look (Source)

The old Truman Cafe and Custard restaurant was already something worth the try. But recently, it has been renovated and expanded to make your trip all the more special. Here, you can have breakfast or lunch in its newly expanded Tudor-style structure. They also have pastries and other baked goods that you and your family and friends will definitely enjoy. Their sweet treats and specialty coffee are also a must-try. The best part of it all is that you can also enjoy all of these as you sit on their patio overlooking the lake.

Breakfast is available from 6:30 AM – 11 AM and lunch is served from 11 AM to 3 PM. Meanwhile, Sweets, custards, and other baked goods are up for grabs from 6:30 AM to 6 PM.

14Celebrate at The Worman House

worman house
A peek at The Worman House’s interiors (Source)

If you’re planning to hold a private celebration but the Cedar Lodge’s ballroom is too big for you, you can just celebrate it at The Worman House. Built in the 1920s originally as a country retreat for Harry Worman, here, you’ll not just get to taste good food but you’ll also feel the history as if it is coming to life because of its rustic charm. You’ll also get a nice view of Table Rock Lake as you dine. This spot in the Big Cedar Lodge is especially good for celebrating Easter, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday celebrations.

15Feel Like a VIP at the Osage Restaurant

osage restaurant
Osage Restaurant’s elegant dining area overlooking the lake (Source)

If you’re in for a fine dining experience, there’s no place like Big Cedar Lodge’s Osage Restaurant. Here, you can enjoy gourmet dishes as you enjoy the view of the stunning Ozark Mountain. The dining room is, of course, something that you shouldn’t miss to take a good look at. This is because, here, you can see Native American artifacts and fine original artworks displayed.

Since it’s an upscale restaurant, note that appropriate attire is required. Men who are 12 years old above are required to wear collared shirts. Also, reservations are recommended.

16Visit Arnie’s Barn

arnie's bar
A couple enjoying their meal at Arnie’s Barn (Source)

Dining at Arnie’s Barn is also something you might want to add on your list of things to do in Big Cedar Lodge. This is because aside from the good contemporary Mexican food that they serve, you’ll also get to enjoy the spectacular views of the driving range. On top of that, you can also get to see some one-of-a-kind memorabilia that the famous golfer, Arnold Palmer, once owned. Arnie’s Barn is open daily from 11 AM to 3:30 PM.

17Eat Pizza at the Buffalo Bar

buffalo bar
A family enjoying the view from Buffalo Bar’s patio (Source)

If you’re craving for some wood-fired pizzas, head on to the Buffalo Bar. Located on the lower level of the Osage Resturant, the Buffalo Bar offers a nice cozy place for everyone where you can relax, especially after a tough game of golf. This is also a nice place for special events as it offers premium cocktails and spirits as well. Of course, you can also enjoy a full dinner menu here. Don’t forget to try out their wood-fired pizza.


gym big cedar
Big Cedar Lodge’s completely renovated gym (Source)

It’s hard to keep your workout routine when you’re on a vacation. Luckily, Big Cedar Lodge has nice a nice fitness facility that would still convince you not to skip your workout routine.

The Big Cedar Lodge has a big fitness center that’s completed with various equipment that would surely keep you fit even when you’re on a vacation. They have 15-station machine workout circuits, 14 aerobic stations, and Olympic-style free weights and dumbbells. Additionally, they have a 5k trail where you can just run or walk if you want to get some fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature more as you exercise.

What’s even better is that they have a professional fitness staff to assist you. They’re also there to help you understand more about your body’s response to exercise and give you a hand on how you can maximize your potential. Aside from that, they offer fitness classes for different types of workouts.

19Other Things to Do in Big Cedar Lodge

Aside from all of the things listed above, you can also get to play board games on a lazy afternoon at the Big Cedar Lodge. You also play horseshoes and shuffleboard which allow you to have a fun-filled day with your friends and family.  They also have a miniature golf for you to enjoy as well. They also have a sandy court where you can play volleyball too.

Apart from that, they have a playground that’s perfect for the kids. They have has slides, monkey bars, and climbing apparatus set to burn your energy too.

Setting up a bonfire is also one of the things you need to add on your list of things to do in Bid Cedar Lodge. In this way, you can get to know your neighbors more or maybe bond with your friends and family too. Play lawn games and roast marshmallows as you enjoy a cozy evening around a campfire together with your friends, family, or even new-found friends at the Big Cedar Lodge.

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The Big Cedar Lodge has so many activities to offer. There’s just too many of them that it can be quite hard to fully experience the amenities and activities that it has in just a day; another reason to come back, aye?


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