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Limassol Cyprus is a lively trendy sort of place, filled with bars as well as restaurants. The Lambouri Winery is a brief drive from Limassol Cyprus as well as well worth a check out. To welcome a person a handshake will do.

Apollon Limassol and AEL FC are the two major sport clubs in Limassol, which have football, basketball and volleyball teams.

If you are looking to travel the island while enjoying your vacations in Cyprus then Limassol, the islands second largest city, provides a good base. Excellent for those planning a trip to the Troodos Mountains and the nearby villages. Authentic Greek tavernas and music clubs are some of the various attractions on offer . Those searching for a Cyprus holiday combining beaches with more authentic Cypriot life should contemplate one of the larger coastal towns like Limassol.

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island, situated to the south of Turkey and the north of Egypt. It’s just hours flying time from most major UK airports and flight prices travel advisory cyprus are very reasonable indeed particularly if you fly outside of the school holidays.


Amathus Limassol is a children-friendly family hotel in Limassol as the city itself is family-friendly. Having to offer a lot of amenities for families, Limassol constitutes a place where the wonderful beaches match with the equally attractive surroundings. Amathus Limassol, being the gem of Cyprus, has a lot of cultural and archaeological sites, whereas, being the second largest city in Cyprus, offers a great variety of day- and nightlife, shopping or just hanging around. Family vacations will be more than memorable, for the city is friendly to those who just want to walk around, go sightseeing, eat and drink, relax here and there.

There is no doubt that Limassol has something to offer Cyprus holidaymakers whatever they are looking for. If you want night life there is more than enough to go round on the resort with plenty of late night clubs and lively bars. This doesn’t mean that holidays limassol cyprus isn’t a great resort for families too. There are miles of sandy beach, water sports and lots of pretty sea front cafe bars where you can relax and take in the beautiful Mediterranean view. With several water parks in the area as well the kids are never going to get bored. Talking about the youngsters, Limassol has its share of fast food outlets too like MacDonald’s and K.F.C. so they are going to be real easy to please in the stomach department at least.

The Lefkara Lace and other lace products may be brought from Limassol or any other city than Lefkara itself, as they may be often over priced in Lefkara, due to a large number of tourists flocking there, especially during the tourist season.

Although there will be plenty to keep you occupied and entertained in your luxury hotel, Cyprus has so many other treats that you’ll be itching to get out and about. If you’re holidaying with the whole family, then you should include Limassol Zoo on your itinerary, where you can see around 300 different types of animals and birds, including tigers, bears, panthers, monkeys, peacocks, ostriches and falcons. There’s also a natural history museum and education centre on site, as well as a dedicated children’s area.

Summer for Limassol is the longest season of the year, lasts about eight months, that begins in April and finishes in November.

After dinner, you will surely want to visit any one of a number of their world famous night clubs, to dance all night until the sun comes up in the morning. What else is there to say about a Cyprus vacation that has not been mentioned above. Without question it will be a trip of a lifetime, which you will want to duplicate time and again to make sure you see and experience everything that this fantastic island has to offer.

Limassol also has a Medieval Museum with a collection dating from 400 AD to 1870 AD. It is housed in the city’s castle, which has an interesting history of its own, having been the venue for Richard the Lionheart’s wedding to Princess Berengaria of Navarre in 1191.

Grab yourself some geography maps of Cyprus and have a look at what else Cyprus has to offer the mountains are beautiful at any time of year and are definitely worth a closer look why not consider buying property for sale in Cyprus in the mountains or even limassol cyprus holidays just the foothills which are equally as beautiful?

Once you arrive here it’s difficult not to fall in love with Cyprus. The people are warm and friendly and will do their utmost to make you feel welcome and special. Locals lead a very relaxed way of life and take everything in their stride. It’s very much a case of why do today, what you can do tomorrow my friend.

Cyprus is not designed for those who seek peace and peaceful. With a regional population of 176,000, and a huge number of travelers preparing to go to Cyprus, Limassol is a constant hub of activity. In truth, it is Cyprus’ 2nd biggest resort area, making it an attractive for travelers to remain and enjoy of holidays in Cyprus. Today, Limassol is known for its hedonism, though it does be available in second to Ayia Napa in this regard. Couple of seem to keep in mind Limassol’s rich and cultured past.

Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lionheart came to Limassol to marry his stranded fiance. Berengariahad been shipwrecked on the island of Cyprus, and King, Isaachad declined to give her safe-harbor. Angered by her treatment, Richard stormed the castle, disgracing and deposing the king. He then took Berengaria inside, and wed her there. From that point on the castle in Limassol has actually been extensively known by the name Berengaria. Exploring Limassol, Cyprus, with views of the gorgeous castle, makes your vacations memorable. Staying at Limassol hotels can likewise provide a practical and beautiful experience throughout travel to Cyprus in summer vacations.

Richard the Lionheart

Limassol rests on the southern coast of Cyprus, and is Cyprus’s primary commercial town. Limassol is a town intended mainly for company individuals, native Cypriots, teachers, and students. The town is house to Cyprus University of Technology, leading the Middle East and Europe in research and development. People who either teach or participate in at the university are trying to find paid visitors during travel seasons in Limassol Cyprus.


Obviously, no area of Cyprus is without tourist. Limassol’s travelers collect mostly in its Germasogeia village. Germasogeia a bustling location, lights flashing, and music beating all night long; it’s a holiday dream for some, however is definitely not for everybody. Whether you choose to go to in summertime or winter Cyprus traveler friendly locations in Limassol, you have to have a smart idea regarding your location.


The part of Limassol city called “Old Town” is a beautiful neighborhood of stores, and well as workshops, of lots of competent craftsmen. Since Limassol gears itself towards residents, instead of tourists, it has actually needed much less effort for Cypriots to maintain their native culture. Food prepared in Limassol is very conventional, and very good. If this is the hospitality and travel environment you look for, Limassol might be the perfect fit.


Cyprus sporting consists primarily of tennis and diving. The area is also understood for its annual carnivals and fairs, one street carnival six weeks prior to Easter, and a beer and wine celebration in the fall. And, locals and tourists alike appreciate Limassol’s luxury shopping.


Limassol is simply a short range from an a great deal of Cyprus’ most impressive and tranquil beaches.


There is a regular ferryboat job throughout the summertime season in between the ports of Limassol as well as Port Said. Its’ tourist strip is well recognized across the island and also is a preferred location to visit.
Limassol or Lemesos is the second-largest city in Cyprus. The Lambouri Vineyard is a short drive from Limassol and well worth a go to. It is among the most popular as well as treasured structures in the country.


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